Kitted Solutions

Aquila International continues to bring value to US Government Agencies, Department of Defense and commercial customers by providing solutions for their operational mission requirements. Below is the list of commercially available kitted solutions for purchase at this time.
Part Number Product Description MSRP
45441-01 CAF System - Equipment and Tools $764,237.75
45441-02 CAF System - Hardware $435,884.53
45441-03 CAF System - Spares $107,592.94
55441-01 CAF - Spares System $715,237.82
55441-02 CAF - Support Equipment System $126,734.32
55441-03 CAF - POL System $147,592.94
45956-01 CAF - Sustainment Kit Spares $678,226.36

Pricing Terms: Net 30

Shipping Terms: FOB Destinitation CONUS

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